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December 10, 2018

September 29, 2017

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September 12, 2018

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I push off with my off hand when I shoot. How do I fix that?

August 17, 2017

Do you push off with your off hand when you shoot? Does your off hand flip out? Can you feel your off hand pushing?


Fix it. 


The best shooters have off hands that stay "square" through their shot. If your off hand flips out and pushes off on your shot, it is negatively effecting your shot's accuracy. Do you know the praying hands emoji? Imagine your off hand being one of those praying hands -- it starts like that on the side of the basketball, and it should end like that when you finish your shot. 


 Check out Steph Curry's awesome job keeping his off hand square in the picture above. 


Here are some tips to fix it:

1. Take a video of yourself shooting (preferably in slow-mo) and see what your off hand does.

2. Work on 1-hand form shooting from close range, get rid of your off hand altogether. This will teach you to put your focus on the two most important parts of a shot - your legs (power) and follow thru (accuracy / touch). 

3. Stay close to the hoop, and add your off hand. Put all of your brain power thinking about your off hand staying square and relaxed through the shot. Don't let it flip out, don't let it push off, don't let your off hand thumb the ball. 

4. As you are thinking about your off hand, start to exaggerate your squat to get more power from your legs. You will notice that a lot of your shots will be short as you start to get rid of your off hand pushing off. Make up for it by using more legs, squat lower, get a bigger boost on your jump. 

5. Continue to work close to the hoop and exaggerate your follow through -- hold both your shooting hand and your off hand up in the air as the ball goes through the net. Check with your eyes to see how both hands are doing - the shooting hand should be pointing to the ground, and your off hand should be square. If you failed the test - fix your hands to teach your body what it should look and feel like.

6. If you're struggling to keep your off hand from flipping out - put a oven mitt on your off hand. Get reps close to the hoop with the mitt on -- this will stop you from gripping the ball -- it will put maximum emphasis on your legs and follow through. 


If you are still struggling -- email me a video of your shot and I will send you some personal tips: scott@rootsbasketball.com. 



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